Tesla Has ‘Lost Its Sense Of Purpose’ & Lucid Motors Is Ready To Lead Says CEO

Tesla Has ‘Lost Its Sense Of Purpose’ & Lucid Motors Is Ready To Lead Says CEO

Elon Musk and Lucid

After spending a couple of quarters in a tough electric vehicle market that has hurt margins and seen demand fizzle out, Lucid Motors’ CEO Peter Rawlinson believes that Tesla has lost focus on ushering in the electrification age. Lucid and Tesla are among a handful of American electric vehicle manufacturers, and among them, only Tesla has managed to establish a global supply chain and ship tens of thousands of electric vehicles worldwide.

Rawlinson made the comments in a fresh interview given to the BBC, where he also stressed that while Tesla might be distracted, his firm has all the tools necessary to ensure a singular sense of purpose to lead the EV industry.

Lucid Motors CEO Optimistic About Firm’s Future Following Latest Restructuring & Cost Reduction Efforts

Talking to the BBC’s Wake up to Money program, Lucid Motors’ CEO shared his thoughts on the current state of the electric vehicle market. Rawlinson started his interview by sharing that he set up Lucid Motors to “develop the most advanced technology” in the world to advanced electric vehicles.

When asked what ‘wasn’t in the market’ that made him switch companies and start working with Lucid, Rawlinson shared that back then, “Tesla was truly at the cutting edge. Developing the most advanced technology with clarity, vision, and purpose. And an absolute singularity of mindset.”

However, Rawlinson believes that Tesla has lost its way since then. Some of the ways in which the firm is distracted, according to the Lucid Motors CEO, is by focusing more on social media and politics. Tesla CEO Elon Musk regularly features in global headlines, and his decision to buy X (then Twitter) created news waves worldwide and among some Tesla shareholders as well.

Rawlinson has come under Musk’s radar as well, with a 2021 feud, where Musk denied that Rawlinson was chief engineer at Tesla for Model S. Since then, affairs between the two have been relatively calm.

According to him, while he valued his time at Tesla, he’s now seeing:

. . . a worrying trend towards distraction. Tesla seems to be distracted. There’s an interest in social media, or even politics. And it’s kind of losing its way. I don’t see it having that singular sense of purpose.

He thinks that it is now up to Lucid to take up the mantle and “take the technology to a whole new level now.”

The conversation returned to Tesla later on when the host asked Rawlinson if there was any way Tesla could regain its lost focus. In response, the executive shared that he believes that, unlike Tesla, Lucid has a sense of mission. This apparent loss of momentum is “concerning,” according to Rawlinson, and it might stem from a leadership that doesn’t “serve those who are looking for an electric future.” People “rally to a sense of mission, Lucid has that mission,” said the CEO.

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