Tesla Gigafactory Mexico’s groundbreaking could happen by March.

Tesla Gigafactory Mexico’s groundbreaking could happen by March.

The Governor of Nuevo León announced Tesla Gigafactory Mexico’s groundbreaking is expected to take place in March. He also mentioned some issues and concerns brought up by people managing Giga Mexico’s permit papers.

Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda shared the Tesla Mexico news during his visit to a community center in Monterrey, reported Milenio. Initially, Tesla was expected to lay the first stone for Giga Mexico this month, but it was pushed back to March.

The Governor of Nuevo León’s announcement does not solidify Giga Mexico’s groundbreaking schedule. In fact, he also revealed that a few departments issuing permits for Tesla Giga Mexico’s construction have requested for an extension. 

“Today I spoke with… I’m going to say, with the management in Mexico. There is already the electrical issue, there is the water issue, there is the environment, they had requested an extension of the environmental permit because it seems that the plant is going to be bigger than they thought.

“I told him that since the State is already building the roads and accesses, I asked them for Tesla to come by March at the latest to make a groundbreaking announcement, and they didn’t say no, so I hope that very soon, in Less than a month, Tesla comes, now the company is going to do the project,” said Governor García Sepúlveda.

The government of Nuevo León has already started construction on the roads and other areas surrounding the Giga Mexico site–known as the Tesla District. It is currently working on expanding the Monterrey-Saltillio Highway in preparation for a nearshoring spike. 

Some concerns about Tesla Giga Mexico and its arrival in that area have been mentioned. Among the concerns is nearshoring and its impact on small companies in Nuevo León. Based on Governor Governor García Sepúlveda’s comments, some management departments in Mexico have mentioned electrical issues, water issues, and concerns about Tesla’s environmental impact. From the wording, it seems some locals have similar concerns as those in Grüheide near Tesla Giga Berlin.

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