Tesla Giga Berlin manager prepared for Model Y production restart

Tesla Giga Berlin manager prepared for Model Y production restart

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It appears that Tesla Giga Berlin is ready to leap back into action. The facility temporarily halted its Model Y production from January 29 to February 11 due to Houthi attacks on freighters in the Red Sea. From February 12, 2024, however, production of the best-selling all-electric crossover is expected to restart.

In a comment to German media, Giga Berlin plant manager André Thierig noted that the facility’s supply chain is intact. “The supply chains are intact again,” Thierig noted, adding that the electric vehicle maker has the “necessary security that all necessary production parts are available in sufficient quantities to be able to restart completely.”

The Giga Berlin plant manager provided a number of interesting insights into the facility’s operations and milestones. As noted in a report from Oldenburger Online, the headcount in the facility has increased to 12,500 employees. Thierig also noted that Giga Berlin had indeed achieved an output of 6,000 Tesla Model Y in one week. The milestone was reached before the temporary production halt.

“Yes, we have broken this milestone,” the Giga Berlin plant manager noted. Expectations are also high that the Model Y production halt in the facility would likely not set back Tesla in its efforts to ramp its vehicle production.

Social media posts from Tesla Giga Berlin employees hinted at the facility’s Model Y production milestoneTesla Director of Quality Bob Foulkes, while responding to a post from a Giga Berlin employee on LinkedIn, hinted that the facility reached 6,000 Model Y per week. The posts were quite a surprise to the EV community, as Tesla has been pretty quiet about Giga Berlin’s output for some time.

“Your post is something that we all feel at Giga, something that pulses through us, a pride in what we’ve achieved. The hood of your new beautiful Quicksilver Model Y scattered with trophies of our achievements – 1K all the way to 6K and beyond.

“I believe this feeling comes from the blood, sweat, and tears of getting to where we are. We all chose the opposite of easy. We chose to fight, to pioneer, to build to go our own way and create. This choice has led us into the history books, not only is Model Y the best selling car on the planet, it’s the first time in History that an Electric Vehicle outsold the others – this belongs to you team,” Foulkes wrote.

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