Tesla Germany Registrations Up 180% YoY in February 2021, Takes 10.5% Market Share.


Tesla Germany

February 2021 saw an overall decrease in the total number of vehicle registrations in Germany compared to the same month a year earlier. While sales of all car brands have continued to show declines for several months in a row, Tesla remains almost the only manufacturer whose sales continue to grow year after year.

Compared to February 2020, in Germany there were 180% more Tesla vehicles registered, which no other manufacturer, both domestic and imported, was able to achieve, except Smart, which showed the largest drop in sales throughout 2020. The steady growth in sales has led Tesla to become almost the only company in the German car market to see positive growth in February 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, according to KBA data.

Tesla Germany

In February 2021, 194,349 new passenger cars were registered in Germany, which is 19% less than in 2020. Among German brands, the number of registrations of Smart increased (+123.0%), the only brand to show YoY positive growth in February, with Mini posting +18.6% and Porsche +3.6%. Other brands recorded a significant decrease compared to the same month last year: Ford (-40.1%), Mercedes (-28.3%), Opel (-11.3%), Audi (-11.0 %), VW (-9.7%).

Among imported brands, positive shifts were observed in Tesla (+180.0%), which has been demonstrating a constant increase in sales compared to the same periods last year for several months in a row. Land Rover posted +23.4% and Ssangyong came in with +8.4%. Other import brands were hit by lower registrations, affecting Honda (-62.8%), Mazda (-59.6%), Mitsubishi (-55.9%), Suzuki (-52.3%), and Dacia (-51.3%).

In February, 18,278 new all-electric vehicles (BEV) were registered, showing an increase of +124.2% over the same period last year and a share of 9.4%. Tesla accounts for 10.5% of all EV sales in February 2021.

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