Tesla FSD v12.4.3 is rolling out to some customers

Tesla FSD v12.4.3 is rolling out to some customers

Tesla’s Elon Musk FSD

Tesla has begun rolling out its latest point update for the Supervised Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, as spotted by several non-employee customers who received the new version this week.

On Thursday, Teslascope suggested that Tesla would likely be rolling out v12.4.3 instead of v12.4.2, following recent delays to the earlier update. Rollout of the prior version was later paused, and it has since been confirmed that Tesla is commencing the rollout of v12.4.3.

Dave Lee, another FSD user who received v12.4.3 on Friday, shared multiple details about the new software on X. He specifically notes that it has a certain smoothness and confidence, along with improvements to important maneuvers, though as expected, it’s still far from perfect.

Lee notes that the new version resulted in what was “probably the best FSD drive [he has] ever taken,” highlighting a few awkward moments during an overall positive experience compared to many of the last several point updates.

“There’s something about v12.4.3 that just made the 2 hours of driving much better than v12.3.6 for me,” Lee writes. “It felt like an upgraded driver – more confident, less hesitant. I didn’t need to press/tap the accelerator as often. I just let it do its thing.”

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