Tesla fan creates Cybertruck Apple Vision Pro concept that needs to be real

Tesla fan creates Cybertruck Apple Vision Pro concept that needs to be real

Tesla fan Cybertruck Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro may not be for everyone as it is a first-generation product with a $3,500 price tag, but the potential of the device has been mostly praised. With estimates pointing to Apple selling over 200,000 units of the premium headset, it seems like devices like the Vision Pro will be here to stay.

With this in mind, it may be a good idea for companies like Tesla to roll out dedicated marketing campaigns that could take advantage of what the Apple Vision Pro could offer. Augmented and virtual reality are very immersive, after all, so the possibilities are endless.

An example of one such advertisement was shared online by Tesla enthusiast Brett Morris, who created a concept video showcasing a potential Tesla experience for the Apple Vision Pro. The concept itself is quite well-made, as it showed how the device’s interface could easily be used for immersive Tesla-related experiences.

The EV fan opted to use the Cybertruck as the vehicle of choice for his Apple Vision Pro concept, and it was a perfect fit. The video showed a user selecting a Cybertruck from Tesla’s lineup of cars, viewing the vehicle’s available variants, and engaging in a virtual test drive of the all-electric pickup truck.

And since the Cybertruck is hyper-futuristic, it was no surprise that the virtual test drive eventually went to places that are far beyond the norm. It’s almost amusing, but when the concept video ended with the Cybertruck driving over the surface of Mars, it felt almost fitting. The video ended with users being given the option to order the Cybertruck, which is a pretty perfect way to end such an experience.

It is said that one of Tesla’s best strategies to attract new customers is to have them experience the company’s vehicles themselves. With the AR and VR capabilities of devices like the Vision Pro, the Tesla experience could be simulated pretty effectively, allowing the electric vehicle maker to reach a far wider audience than it ever had in the past.

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