Tesla Enhances Cybertruck’s Charging and Security

Tesla Enhances Cybertruck’s Charging and Security

In a significant update, Tesla announced plans to boost the Cybertruck’s charging efficiency and security features this quarter. The enhancements include faster charging capabilities, allowing up to 154 miles of range in just 15 minutes, and a new trailer alarm feature for improved vehicle security. This move aims to address previous issues with Supercharger compatibility and bolster the truck’s appeal as Tesla’s first electric pickup ventures into a competitive market.

Addressing Challenges: Tesla to Enhance Cybertruck Charging Efficiency and Compatibility

As one of four electric trucks featured in Out of Spec’s Ocean to Ocean challenge, the Tesla Cybertruck’s inability to operate smoothly with Superchargers was repeatedly highlighted in the series, per Teslarati.

Some issues involved exceeding a site’s power limit or overheating power cables. One of the most common and consistent issues was a lack of current strength when the Cybertruck was in a low state of charge (SoC).

Drew Baglino, Tesla’s Senior Vice President of Powertrain, stated that the company discovered a bug in the Cybertruck that “sometimes locks posts into a 100A max” when charging with a lower SoC.

The bug has been fixed, and piloting is currently underway. Baglino said it will be rolled out and fully operational in Superchargers next week.

However, more Cybertruck improvements are set to arrive later this quarter in an Over-the-Air update, allowing it to uncover more miles from a lower SoC in less time.

“Cybertruck charge curve improvements are coming to OTA later this quarter to unlock up to 154 miles recovered in 15 minutes,” Baglino said.

This is an improvement over the Cybertruck’s range of just over 130 miles in 15 minutes. The improvement is just the most recent example of how Tesla’s other executives, besides CEO Elon Musk, have stepped up to provide more updates to customers and vehicle owners.

Because the ever-changing nature of Tesla vehicles is so widely discussed among fans, the company must remain open about the changes it makes.

Securing the Haul: Tesla Rolls Out Advanced Trailer Alarm Feature for Cybertruck

Tesla is introducing new security features to the Cybertruck in a software update that will affect towing and raise awareness of what is happening while towing.

Because the Cybertruck is Tesla’s first pickup truck, the company is still developing a comprehensive set of features that will make it the most secure and robust vehicle on the market today.

With that said, the latest addition to the Cybertruck is set to arrive with Tesla Software Update 2024.8.4, which will include a new Trailer Alarm Feature.

The Trailer Alarm system connects the Cybertruck’s security system to the trailer by monitoring the connection status of anything hitched to the all-electric pickup. The alarm will now sound if the trailer is disconnected or tampered with.

The feature was first reported by Not a Tesla App, “Your vehicle alarm now also monitors whether your trailer is plugged in to the hitch. The trailer alarm sets and turns off along with your vehicle alarm. You can disable this security feature in your vehicle settings at Towing and Hauling > Trailer Alarm.”

Along with improving the Cybertruck’s security features by incorporating the trailer into the alarm suite, Tesla also assists those who tow by highlighting which Supercharger locations have trailer-friendly stalls.

Wes Morrill, Tesla’s Lead Engineer for Cybertruck, recently discussed this feature, stating that the Supercharger team will show which stalls allow easier access for trucks hauling trailers.

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