Tesla employees shared an important hint that

Tesla employees shared an important hint that

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Ever since November 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been teasing the world with Tesla’s Cybertruck, a fiercely modern all-electric vehicle that looks like it was ripped right out of Ridley Scott’s famed sci-fi classic “Aliens.”

Close to four years later, the much-delayed vehicle is finally on the verge of being available to the public. With an estimated 1.9 million preorders in place as of June 2023 and only 375,000 units being manufactured per year, that means anyone getting in line for one now would have roughly a five-year wait.

However, for those that got in early and have waited patiently, there is good news – a new post on the Cybertruck Owners Forum spells out that the time is nigh, as first reported by EV blog Electrek.

A user by the name of Josh posted a photo on the forum on Sept. 28 of an olive green jacket stitched with the logo “Cybertruck Launch Team.” The red Tesla logo can also be seen stitched on the arm.

While Musk has not announced a formal release date for the Cybertruck, Tesla tweeted a photo from Giga Texas of its first assembled model in July 2023. The vehicles have also been spotted on the road multiple times. So while some are fed up with waiting for the ultra-modern EV, others believe the time is finally drawing near.

That said, the very first Cybertrucks will go to employees and VIPs first, meaning if you’re just an average Joe or Jane that just so happened to get your preorder in early, you might see it by 2024 –and that’s as long as it doesn’t get delayed again.

However, if Cybertruck doesn’t deliver by the end of Sept. 30, Musk misses another self-stated deadline. He has said the vehicle would deliver at end of the third quarter, most likely late September. Time’s running out.

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