Tesla drivers use two items to quickly charge

Tesla drivers use two items to quickly charge

Tesla drivers have been using a simple trick to save time and increase power while charging at older V2 Supercharger stalls as the weather gets warmer.

As temperatures increase, the range of electric vehicles decreases, but some Tesla drivers have discovered a simple ‘wet towel’ trick that may boost charging speed.

The technique used to save time and enhance power while charging is most applicable V2 Supercharger stalls that don’t actively cool cables.

By placing a wet towel over the handle of the charging cable, Tesla drivers can trick the system into powering their electric vehicles more quickly.

During the warmer spring and summer months, V2 Supercharger stall handles can become extremely hot, causing the handle to instruct the charger to reduce speed in order to maintain a safe operating temperature, according to InsideEVs.

Out of Spec Studios, an expert car review group, conducted a test to confirm the effectiveness of this cold towel trick.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Out of Spec stated: “Plugged in [a Tesla] at 2% SoC [state of charge] – ramped up to 147kW as normal and thermal throttled at 34% down to 58kW.

“Slapped that room temperature soaking wet rag, and it climbed back to 119kW, where it hit the internal charge profile limit. Amazing!”

They added: “It’s more useful to use this wet rag trick when plugging in at low SoC where the charger has to throw a ton of current to get up to ~150kW.

“If you plug in at 30% SoC, for example, you’ll need less current to reach 150kW as pack voltage is already quite high.”

However, this charging hack doesn’t apply to Teslas charging at the newer V3 Supercharger stalls, with the exception of the Cybertruck.

Branden Flasch, a Tesla Model S owner, has reported a minor increase in charging capacity when using a V3 Supercharger stall.

This hack’s re-emergence comes as Tesla’s decision to dismiss its entire Supercharging team raises questions about the future quality of the service.

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