Tesla drivers have the cleanest cars in the UK: survey

Tesla drivers have the cleanest cars in the UK: survey

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A rather interesting survey of drivers in the UK has revealed an equally interesting result. As it turns out, Tesla drivers in the UK are the cleanest car owners in the country.

The survey, which involved 1,000 motorists in the UK, was conducted in March 2024 by UK-based end-of-life scrap vehicle comparison service Scrap Car Comparison. The firm noted that it conducted a survey asking motorists over the age of 18 how frequently they clean the exterior and interior of their cars. The study also asked motorists if they have ever felt embarrassed to give someone a ride due to the state of their vehicle.

As per the survey’s results, Tesla owners were found to have the cleanest cars, with owners washing the exterior of their vehicles 130 times a year on average. That translates to over two car washes every week. It should be noted that this is the average among Tesla owners. Among the Tesla owners who took part in the survey, a surprising 27% claimed that they wash their cars every day.

Honda and BMW owners followed Tesla, though owners of these vehicles only washed their cars 52 times per year, or about once a week on average. Mercedes, Toyota, and Audi owners rounded out the top six in the survey, with owners washing their cars 21 times per year on average. Most car owners from other brands noted that they simply wash their cars 12 times per year on average or about once a month.

Scrap Car Comparison’s survey did not ask why Tesla owners were so keen on keeping their vehicles extremely clean. That being said, Teslas are widely considered to be the iPhones of the automotive industry, and consumers have shown a tendency to keep their premium tech devices pristine during their years of use. This is one of the reasons why the smartphone case market was valued at $25.7 billion in 2023.

Perhaps it’s the same thing with Teslas. Since they are so advanced, they don’t feel like regular cars at all. And because they don’t feel like regular cars, owners may wish for them to stay pristine, just like their personal tech devices. Of course, it’s also possible that Tesla owners simply love their cars a lot, and they want them to look clean as much as possible.

Scrap Car Comparison’s post about its survey can be accessed here.

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