Tesla Cybertruck’s Off-Road Adventure Ends with Wheel Snapping Off

Tesla Cybertruck’s Off-Road Adventure Ends with Wheel Snapping Off

Tesla Cybertruck

In a recent off-road escapade at the King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley, California, a Tesla Cybertruck experienced a mechanical failure resulting in one of its wheels snapping off. The incident, captured over the weekend, has raised eyebrows about the durability of Tesla’s much-touted electric truck.

The mishap occurred after the Cybertruck, which has been on the roads for only a month or two, completed several donuts on the desert terrain. A stock bolt on one of the truck’s rear wheels reportedly failed, leading to the wheel’s detachment. This event was part of a larger gathering that saw around 40 trucks in attendance, including Rivian EV pickups and Ford F-150 Lightning vehicles.

A photo circulating on X, formerly known as Twitter, showcased the aftermath of the incident, accompanied by a caption that humorously advised to “drive it tell until the wheels fall off.” This occurrence has prompted questions about the Cybertruck’s off-road capabilities, especially in light of Tesla’s claims that the vehicle can “tackle anything.”

The incident is not isolated within the realm of electric trucks, as similar failures have been reported with other models, such as the Rivian R1T. However, the Cybertruck’s unique all-wheel steering feature means it’s more susceptible to rear tie rod failures, a critical component for vehicle steering.

Unplugged Performance, the owner of the affected Cybertruck and a Tesla after-market parts company, responded to the incident with a statement on X, suggesting that the media was “stoking drama.” The company downplayed the significance of the bolt failure, comparing it to a similar incident involving a Ford F-150 Raptor R at the same event.

As Tesla faces scrutiny over possible design oversights and the robustness of its marketing claims, the automotive community is left to ponder whether the Cybertruck’s issues are mere teething problems of a new vehicle launch or indicative of deeper design flaws. With Tesla’s history of ambitious promises, the Cybertruck’s journey from prototype to Mars-bound marvel continues to be a topic of intense interest and speculation.

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