Tesla Cybertruck range test reveals impressive distance

Tesla Cybertruck range test reveals impressive distance

Tesla Cybertruck range tests are all the buzz, and publications are looking to see how accurate the automaker’s projections and estimates are, and how many miles the all-electric pickup can travel on a full charge.

A few tests have already been performed, including one that took the Cybertruck on the highway and gave less-than-favorable results.

However, range tests are never identical because so many external factors, like driving style and temperature, for example, can significantly influence the results.

However, a new test from Edmunds aimed to assess the Cybertruck’s driving range in favorable weather and did not specifically test either highway or city driving. Instead, it appeared to be a healthy mix of both, which is a reasonable expectation considering car buyers will want as accurate an estimate as possible.

The test used a Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive configuration of the Cybertruck, which packs 340 miles on all-season tires, according to Tesla. However, this Cybertruck used normal, as-shipped tires, which gives the pickup an estimate of 318 miles.

Official EPA range figures for the Tesla Cybertruck have not yet been released.

During the unveiling in 2019, Tesla said the Dual-Motor trim would get 300+, while the Tri-Motor would get 500+ miles. Edmunds incorrectly states that Tesla said the Dual Motor would get 500 miles, but this figure was set aside for the Tri-Motor configuration (see below).

Tesla Cybertruck Range Test Results

The range test seemed to go according to plan, and the Cybertruck’s performance equated to 334 miles of travel, better than the 318 miles that Tesla lists on its website.

In fact, the Cybertruck driven by Edmunds was void of the Aero wheel covers that are designed to help improve range with a more efficient and effective drag coefficient. Tesla recently stopped delivering the Cybertruck with those wheel covers and may revert to a previous design that did not damage the tire’s sidewall.

The publication notes in the Cybertruck range test video that the Aero wheel covers may actually have helped the pickup achieve an even higher range rating.

“This is just the beginning of the Cybertruck story. With range extenders, tri-motor versions, and software updates all in the pipeline, the 334-mile figure won’t be our final say on the matter,” Clint Simone of Edmunds said.

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