Tesla Cybertruck lead engineer teases OTA update

Tesla Cybertruck lead engineer teases OTA update

It appears that a safety optimization is coming to the frunk of the Cybertruck. The update was teased by a Tesla Lead Engineer following the release of a video from a prominent YouTube auto reviewer who claimed that the Cybertruck frunk could be hazardous to people. 

The Cybertruck is arguably the most unique vehicle being produced today, so it is no wonder that prominent car reviewers on YouTube have taken it upon themselves to publish videos about the all-electric pickup truck. Among these is noted automotive reviewer Doug DeMuro, who stated that the Cybertruck is just plain cool despite its polarizing looks and missing features like Autopilot. 

During his review of the Cybertruck’s quirks and features, however, DeMuro stated that there is nothing preventing the massive frunk of the vehicle from potentially crushing a person’s arms or fingers. “You also have a button where you can press, and the front trunk will close, and apparently, the front trunk will close on you. There’s nothing preventing it from just closing on whatever you have in between the trunk and the car. So needless to say, don’t stick your arm in there. It will be cut off,” DeMuro said.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that the Cybertruck’s alleged unsafe frunk has been called out on social media, particularly by Tesla critics. Several Tesla owners have responded by demonstrating that the Cybertruck does have a system that would prevent the frunk from fully closing if there’s an obstruction. However, Cybertruck owner @dblcapcrimpin observed in a video that someone’s hands could be pinched by the vehicle’s frunk under certain conditions, though he also noted that Tesla is likely aware of the issue. 

In a response on X, Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill confirmed that Tesla would indeed be releasing a significant improvement to the all-electric pickup truck’s frunk safety in an upcoming over-the-air software update. The Tesla Lead Engineer noted that the team behind the Cybertruck worked very hard on the optimizations. “Big improvement coming via OTA. Team worked super hard on this. So many carrots,” the Cybertruck Lead Engineer wrote.  

The Cybertruck is still a very new vehicle, so it is no surprise that some of its features and systems are still being optimized by Tesla today. Tesla critics, however, should probably keep in mind that while the Cybertruck has several areas of improvement today, the electric vehicle maker is known for making the safest cars on the road. Thus, there’s almost a certainty that the company is all-in on making the Cybertruck one of the safest vehicles on the road today. 

Watch Doug DeMuro’s Tesla Cybertruck review in the video below.

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