Tesla Cybertruck Lands On Used Market

Tesla Cybertruck Lands On Used Market

The Cybertruck is making a pronounced appearance on the used car market. But would you buy one?

Virtually new Cybertrucks are quickly being resold to the “used” car market, some with only a few hundred miles. Cybertruck production began in November and the people who placed early orders have been getting deliveries in the past several months.

All are listed as 2024 Cybertrucks considering the recent production start date. Prices as shown on CarGurus begin around $149,00 and run the gamut up to about $240,000. And similar prices appear on Kelley Blue Book. How do these prices stack up against new Cybertrucks ordered from Tesla? A rear-wheel drive version is listed at $60,990 while the Cyberbeast is priced at $99,990, Of course, you may have to wait a year or two to get one, thus the jacked up used CT prices. Basically, that massive premium is the price you have to pay for immediate gratification/delivery.

Note that Cybertrucks delivered as of today do not come with Autopilot or Full Self Driving, as I found out from a neighbor who took delivery at the end of March. Tesla is still doing testing for Autopilot and FSD on the Cybertruck. My neighbor was gracious and let me test drive his CT for about an hour. It was remarkably quick and agile for such a big vehicle. I did want to test FSD, though.

And, yes, dealers are reselling the Cybertruck, despite warnings from Tesla. I talked to two dealers. A Los Angeles Toyota dealer and Los Angeles Hyundai dealer. Both dealers said that they are not aware of anything that would prohibit them from reselling the car (or any problem barring the seller from reselling the car to them). And both said the cars are available now.

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