Tesla Cybertruck fleet mass vandalized with “F**k Elon” graffiti

Tesla Cybertruck fleet mass vandalized with “F**k Elon” graffiti

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The Tesla Cybertruck is a polarizing vehicle, and Elon Musk is also a polarizing figure. This largely means that people will typically have strong positive or strong negative feelings towards the all-electric pickup truck or the Tesla CEO. Unfortunately for some Cybertrucks at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, parking lot, they ended up being on the receiving end of some hate towards Musk.

As could be seen in a number of posts on social media platforms such as X and Instagram, a whole parking lot full of Tesla Cybertrucks that were seemingly ready to be delivered to customers was recently vandalized. Based on images that have been posted of the incident, the hood and sides of some Cybertrucks were painted with the words “F**k Elon.”

Considering the words painted in the Cybertrucks, it would appear that the vandals had a pretty clear message in mind. Interestingly enough, these words have become a rallying cry of sorts among Musk critics on social media. It is also quite similar to the comments of former CA Assemblywoman Lorena S. Gonzales, who posted “F**k Elon Musk” on Twitter back in May 2020.

The act of vandalism caught widespread criticism on social media. It is never right, after all, to damage the property of other people, regardless of how much one disagrees with Elon Musk’s behavior, politics, or social media posts on X. Defacing private property is never ok, even if one’s target is a hulking steel all-electric pickup truck that attracts large amounts of love and hate from the public.

While the incident is quite frustrating, especially for the customers of the vandalized Cybertrucks, some members of the electric vehicle community noted that the graffiti on the all-electric pickup trucks would probably be cleaned off pretty easily. Paint, after all, does not stick to stainless steel very well. Some cleaning materials and a power washing session should then take care of graffiti on the vandalized Tesla Cybertrucks.

Members of the Cybertruck Owners Club, for their part, have noted that Tesla should probably increase the security in its vehicle delivery lots. The Cybertrucks in the Fort Lauderdale parking lot seemed unguarded, after all, so one could definitely argue that Tesla can do better when it comes to keeping its vehicles safe from vandals before they are delivered to consumers. This is especially true today considering how polarizing Elon Musk has become due to his stance on political topics and his posts on social media platform X.

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