Tesla clears doubts about 4680 cell production

Tesla clears doubts about 4680 cell production

EV giant Tesla Inc  said on Wednesday that it produced enough 4680 cells at Giga Texas last week to fit into over 1000 Cybertrucks.

What Happened: “Produced over 1k Cybertrucks’ worth of 4680 cells at Giga Texas last week!” Tesla wrote in a post on X. The post included an image of the factory employees with two Cybertrucks.

Reports Of 4680 Battery Production Issues: In December, Reuters reported that the EV giant is struggling to make 4680 cells fast enough to meet its targeted annual production rate of a quarter million Cybertrucks. Tesla’s gigafactory in Texas is making only enough cells for about 24,000 Cybertrucks a year, the report said.

Tesla refuted the report in January during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call. The company’s Supply Chain Vice President Karn Budhiraj then said that 4680 production is ahead of the Cybertruck ramp with weeks of finished cell inventory. The company will continue to ramp up its 4680 production while also ramping up orders from suppliers, company CEO Elon Musk said.

Current Production Rate: If Tesla continues to manufacture 4680 cells at the current rate, the company will make enough cells at its gigafactory in Texas to make over 52,000 Cybertrucks in a year, not including orders from suppliers. This is higher than predicted by the report from December.

Further, Musk has previously clarified that the company intends to deliver a quarter million Cybertrucks only in 2025 and not in 2024.

The problem with the Cybertruck is not demand but production, Musk said, while adding that there are “enormous challenges” in reaching volume production of the vehicle given its new design.

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