Tesla China continues exporting vehicles as Q2 nears midway point

Tesla China continues exporting vehicles as Q2 nears midway point

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The second quarter is nearing its midway point, and Tesla China is still busy exporting vehicles to foreign territories. This was hinted at in a recent flyover of the Shanghai Southport Terminal, which revealed that Tesla China is gathering yet another export fleet in the location.

Drone footage of the Shanghai Southport Terminal was shared online by longtime Tesla China watcher Wu Wa, who has been following the progress and developments of the electric vehicle maker’s projects in the country since Giga Shanghai’s earliest days. As per the drone operator, the Shanghai Southport Terminal was almost empty of Teslas after the Labor Day holiday, which spanned May 1-5.

As of the drone operator’s flyover, which was conducted on Wednesday, May 7, 2024, a growing number of Teslas could already be seen gathering in the Shanghai Southport Terminal. The longtime Tesla watcher noted that a large number of trucks could be seen carrying Teslas to the site’s holding areas.

“At one point, there were as many as eight trucks. We saw that the truck drivers were running to get the customs declaration to get the passes to enter the dock site. Although there were not many Teslas on the site, so many trucks were transporting Teslas that most of the empty space could be filled up in one or two days,” the drone operator wrote in the description of his recent YouTube video.

Interestingly enough, a good number of the vehicles at the location were reengineered Tesla Model 3 units, and a fairly large number of the all-electric sedans being delivered to the dock were painted Stealth Gray. Some Model Y units were being shipped to the area as well, and several of them were painted in Quicksilver, a new paint option that was launched in Giga Shanghai.

Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s largest factory by volume, and it also serves as the company’s primary vehicle export hub. With this setup, Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 and Model Y output is split between domestic sales in China and exports to foreign territories. Tesla China saw 62,167 wholesale units in April 2024, as per data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

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