Tesla brings back cool feature exclusive to Model X

Tesla brings back cool feature exclusive to Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla has brought back a cool feature exclusive to the Model X as its self-presenting doors are now available once again.

Tesla is bringing back the feature with Software Update 2024.20.1. In 2023, Tesla removed ultrasonic sensors from the Model X in an effort to bolster its vision-only approach to self-driving.

However, the removal of these USS components eliminated some features, including the Model X’s self-presenting doors.

Now, the Model X is able to present the cabin to the driver when they walk up to the car with a key fob or phone key. The vehicle will detect it and open the door automatically, allowing the driver to enter without ever touching the door handle.

The return of the feature was first spotted by Not a Tesla App.

Drivers won’t have to touch the door to close it, either. Instead, the driver can simply tap the brake pedal to close the door on its own, a neat feature that has returned after a short time away due to some hardware updates on the Tesla lineup.

The previous versions of this feature allowed the door to open only a few inches. This update will open the door completely, eliminating any need to touch the door.

Below, you will see a video of the Model X self-presenting doors as they work in the refreshed Model X that came out last year .

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