Tesla begins offering PPF services

Tesla begins offering PPF services

Tesla has been sporting some creative wraps on its Cybertruck. In July, we speculated that perhaps Tesla was considering getting into the wrap business. Now we have our answer. Tesla has launched premium color wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y. Although Tesla may not stop there.

Not Just a Color Change

Before we get the Cybertruck angle, the wrap itself is a story. It is available exclusively through Tesla. These wraps allow for a splash of personal style and offer protection. The self-healing, urethane-based film (PPF) shields the vehicle’s original paint from potential damage like chips, scratches, and even the dreaded paint swirl.

Customers can choose from a range of seven vibrant and exclusive colors. Those interested in the subtler spectrum can opt for Satin Stealth Black or Slip Grey, priced at $7,500. However, for those wishing to make a more vivid statement, Glacier Blue, Satin Rose Gold, Forest Green, Satin Ceramic White, and Crimson Red are available at a premium of $8,000. Although these wraps come at a premium, they offer more protection than a standard wrap.

Clear PPF Wrap

Furthermore, for individuals looking to maintain their original car color while enjoying the protective benefits, the Model 3/Y Clear Wrap option is available for $5,000. Installations are currently being managed at two primary Tesla Service Centers in West Covina and Carlsbad, California. Right now these wraps are also limited to 2023 model years of the 3 and Y.

Beyond Model 3 and Model Y

From a camouflage design to the surprising Ford F-150 mockup, Cybertruck sightings with unique wraps make sense. Given the Cybertruck’s single-tone stainless steel design, such customizations would allow owners to differentiate their vehicles on the roads.

In previous statements, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of Cybertruck owners wrapping their vehicles in “any color or pattern.” Could the introduction of the Model 3 and Model Y wrap service, be just the first step? Given the Cybertruck’s unique design, which we previously likened to a blank canvas, there’s a vast playground for potential customizations.

Drawing Parallels with Tesla’s Wrap Service in China

Tesla’s move in the US mirrors its initiatives in China, where the company has a wrapping service to provide their vehicles with a rejuvenated appearance, offsetting their limited paint options.

This strategic move could address the critique regarding the monotony of Tesla’s vehicle color schemes. Beyond production efficiencies, introducing wraps could offer Tesla owners a bespoke vehicle experience, showcasing their individual flair. As we anticipate the launch of Cybertruck, incorporating customizable wraps might signal a redefining moment in EV personalization.

Tesla’s venture into vehicle wraps for Model 3 and Model Y could be a prelude to a more expansive customization offering, potentially for the eagerly-awaited Cybertruck. As Tesla was born and raised in California, incorporating the wrap business in that state will give the company a good idea of customer demand, even before the Cybertruck.

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