Swedish union steps up the pettiness against Tesla

Swedish union steps up the pettiness against Tesla

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A Swedish union is stepping up the pettiness against Tesla as the automaker continues to battle with workers groups in the Nordic region over collective bargaining and workers’ rights agreements.

The Swedish Electricians’ Union reported Tesla to the police earlier this week, accusing them of performing electrical installation work without the necessary registration. It seems like further retaliation for Tesla’s refusal to sign collective bargaining agreements.

The Union commented on the accusation:

“There is evidence indicating that Tesla is performing electrical installation work at one of its charging stations. This is despite the fact that Tesla is not registered with the National Electrical Safety Board.”

According to Reuters, the union has issues with Tesla’s installation of Superchargers and stated that it has no legal right to carry out installations.

Mikael Pettersson, the Union’s Head of Negotiations, said:

“Since Tesla violates Swedish legislation, we have to react. We can never accept illegal electrical installations.”

Relations between Tesla and various unions in Sweden and surrounding countries have been on thin ice for some time. As Tesla refuses to give in to wishes related to collective bargaining, unions continue to use pressure tactics to attempt to force the automaker into a corner.

It has not been a fair fight. Tesla has dealt with some really strange issues since the disagreement started, as everything from license plates not being delivered to trash not being picked up at its showrooms has been used to attempt to elicit a response from the company.

However, Tesla has not bent, nor has it broken. It continues to operate its business as normally as it can, but more moves are being made by the unions in the region to make life as difficult as possible for the electric automaker.

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