StoreDot – makers of ultra-fast, Tesla-like 4680 cells – debuts self-repairing cell technology

Tesla’s 4680 battery

StoreDot, an Israel-based electric vehicle battery startup, yesterday announced new patented technology that uses a background repair mechanism to allow battery cells to regenerate while they are in use. The company says the new technology will result in longer battery life and better EV performance.

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The newly developed system includes a suite of software algorithms with corresponding hardware.

The self-repairing system identifies a cell or string of cells that are underperforming or overheating, and temporarily disables them in order to recondition them back to 100% performance. The driver does not experience driving interruption or loss of performance in their EV during self-repair.

This advancement of a “self-healing” approach to electric vehicles will play a major role in prolonging battery life and driving range, as well as improving safety by preventing overheating or any danger of thermal runaway.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, said:

This latest patented technology is a unique way of repairing individual cells, or groups or cells, when they are in operation is a novel advancement to self-repairing electric vehicles.

This approach is truly transformative with huge real-world benefits for electric vehicle owners, improving performance, safety and the longevity of their vehicles.

It also plays a crucial role in eradicating range anxiety, which remains the main barrier to electric vehicle ownership.

On November 10, StoreDot claimed that it has become the first company to produce silicon-dominant extreme fast charge (XFC) cells for electric vehicles on a mass production line.

The new XFC cells will be shipped to automotive companies for testing. The company says that its XFC cells will be produced at scale by 2024.

StoreDot also announced in early September that it produced the first Tesla-like 4680 cylindrical cell that it claims can charge in only 10 minutes.

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