Steve Bannon Issues Stark Warning About Elon Musk

Steve Bannon Issues Stark Warning About Elon Musk

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon issued a series of stark criticisms of Elon Musk, highlighting his financial ties to China.

Musk, the CEO of electric car giant Tesla and the latest owner of Twitter, visited Shanghai, China, on Saturday, reportedly to pay a visit to the city’s Tesla Gigafactory plant. Bloomberg also noted in its report on the visit that Musk may be meeting with other local Chinese authorities during the visit as well.

In light of the news, Bannon, who served as chief strategist for Donald Trump during the first seven months of his presidency, took to the conservative social media platform Gettr with multiple posts about Musk’s links to China, going so far as to call the company his “Paymasters.”

“Musk Heads to Home Office to Kowtow to His Paymasters The CCP,” Bannon wrote in one post, linking to the Bloomberg report about Musk’s China visit.

Later, Bannon shared another post linking Musk’s tumultuous leadership at Twitter to the situation: “Musk Lies Almost as Frequently as He Breathes….He Overpaid by 2x for The Crime Scene Known as Twitter …Now His Paymasters in Beijing Demand He Screws Everyone to Get Their Money Back.”

The latter post included a link to a Mediaite story covering the recent feud between Musk and journalist Matt Taibbi. Once a contributor for Rolling Stone, late last year Taibbi collaborated with Musk on the “Twitter Files,” a reporting series alleging that past Twitter leadership engaged in widespread censorship, often of conservative accounts, at the behest of government entities. Subsequent investigations of the claims have found that they misrepresented numerous aspects of Taibbi’s central premise, including the number of tweets that were flagged as problematic and the fact that most of the entities flagging them to Twitter were non-government.

Taibbi recently announced that he would be backing away from Twitter, amid indications that it was taking steps to block links to Substack, a newsletter platform favored by reporters like himself. The changes came as Substack introduced Notes, a new service compared to the functionality of Twitter and hailed by some as an alternative to the Musk-owned.

In his own tweet, Musk dismissed Taibbi’s claim that “Substack links were being blocked” as “false,” claiming in response that Substack was allegedly “trying to download a massive portion of the Twitter database to bootstrap their Twitter clone, so their IP address is obviously untrusted.” He also falsely claimed that Taibbi is employed by Substack.

Twitter could not be reached for comment, as it has ceased responding to media inquiries under Musk’s leadership. Newsweek reached out to Tesla via email for comment.

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