Sony reportedly plans to make fewer than 6 million PS5 units in the console’s first year.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony may make fewer than 6 million PlayStation 5 units in the console’s first year, according to a Bloomberg report. It’s said to have told assembly partners it’ll make between 5 and 6 million of the consoles in the fiscal year ending next March. Sony sold 7.5 million PS4 units in the first two quarters that console was available. It went on sale in November 2013.

The report suggests Sony is limiting production of its next-generation system at the outset “because it expects the PS5’s ambitious specs to weigh on demand by leading to a high price at launch.” Developers Bloomberg spoke to expect the PS5 to cost between $499 and $549 at launch due to pricey components.

While the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t yet affected production capacity, according to the report, that may change as the situation evolves. Mass production is said to be getting underway in June.

The pandemic has impacted marketing plans, though. As it did for the DualSense controller, Sony may forgo a press conference to announce pricing and the release date. It’s said to have rushed the DuelSense reveal for fear of the controller being leaked by third parties. The actual console’s design is still top secret, Bloomberg reported.

Sony is sticking to its plan to release the PlayStation 5 during the upcoming holiday season, especially if Microsoft stays on track to ship its Xbox Series X in the same period. However, the company has said the pandemic might impact development on PS5 games, potentially leading to a thinner selection of launch titles than planned.

A more limited supply of PS5 units than some may have expected will lead to many eager gamers struggling to get their hands on the console. As such, Sony is said to be eyeing price cuts for the PS4 and PS4 Pro to bring more people into its ecosystem in the meantime. It’s reportedly hoping to gain more PS Plus and PlayStation Now subscribers before those players perhaps upgrade to PS5.

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