Samsung unveils a new series of stylish and innovative home appliances at CES 2020.

Featuring new technologies, thoughtful design and flexible connectivity, modular home appliances fully meet the needs of modern users.

Samsung Electronics continues to set the standard for the home with innovative products. The smart home appliances presented at CES 2020 allow you to rethink everyday tasks, concentrate on important matters and devote more time to your family.

Samsung Electronics

“Our goal is to create home appliances with a modern lifestyle, that is, to develop devices that combine current design with the latest innovative technologies,” said Harry Choi, senior vice president of digital devices and labs at Lifestyle Labs at Samsung Electronics . “That is what we provide our customers with new products – the opportunity to choose the technology that makes their life more convenient, more digital, more saturated.”

New models of Samsung household appliances reflect modern aspects of life, where a house is not only a place of relaxation, but also a gym, office, and a place for entertainment. Based on changing trends, Samsung is developing an innovative design and rethinking the purpose of household appliances, showing off multifunctional products.

The company introduced modular, customizable solutions that set new standards in the industry:

Featuring a stylish design, the innovative BESPOKE refrigerator represents a completely new series of household appliances, which provides the possibility of flexible adaptation and adjustment in accordance with the requirements of users. Thanks to the creative approach to the use of materials and colors, Samsung allows the user to create their own refrigerator design and customize its functionality to fit their needs. Thus, the Flex Zone compartment is able to perform the functions of both a refrigerator and a freezer.

Samsung Electronics

Designed for small spaces, the Portable Slim Double Induction makes it easy to cook anywhere in the kitchen – or even in another room at home. Equipped with two induction burners, each with nine different power levels, the hob provides ample cooking possibilities and allows for precise temperature control to meet any cooking needs. Burners can be controlled individually for cooking in pans and pans, or as a single surface for grilling or cooking in large dishes.

The new Samsung Cube Refrigerator range includes three new models: Wine, Beer and Beauty. Small modular refrigerators are available in several colors and easily fit into the interior. Thanks to their compact design, they can be installed in any room, including even in the bedroom: due to the special cooling technology, they are distinguished by a low noise level.

Samsung Electronics

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