Samsung CEO talks about Cybertruck

Samsung CEO talks about Cybertruck

Kye Hyun Kyung, CEO of Samsung Electronics, praised the Tesla Cybertruck’s unique capabilities during a U.S. test drive. Samsung also announced the launch of its groundbreaking GDDR7 memory chips, which are set to significantly enhance next-gen GPUs.

Samsung CEO Explores Cybertruck Innovations and Advances in Memory Chip Technology

In an Instagram┬ápost, Kyung shared a video of himself getting out of the passenger seat of the Tesla Cybertruck, stating that Elon Musk’s company allowed him to drive the Cybertruck and that the electric pickup truck was “more comfortable” than he thought, the acceleration was “amazing,” the ability to check surroundings with ten cameras was “excellent,” and the steering’s low turning radius, as well as larger wipers, were “impressive.”

The Tesla Cybertruck is unquestionably a unique vehicle with numerous intriguing features, as evidenced by the Samsung CEO’s impressions.

According to┬áSamMobile, Kyung discussed the significant advancements in HBM3, HBM3E, and HBM4 memory chips. Many businesses eagerly anticipate the HBM3 and HBM3E 12H chips, a testament to their exciting potential. As a result, the tech behemoth has assembled a dedicated team to enhance these chips’ quality and productivity, a move sure to stir excitement in our audience.

As for HBM4, the CEO claims that it doubles memory bandwidth. However, he explains that “traffic bottleneck occurring between memory and computing would remain.” According to Kyung, many companies want to solve that problem by developing customized HBM4 chips, and Samsung will work with them. Finally, Kyung discussed Samsung Foundry’s 2nm GAA process. According to him, it significantly improves efficiency and performance, so many companies are approaching Samsung about 2nm chips.

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