Samsung announced a laptop with a sliding display.


There are always many different presentations at technology exhibitions, but not all products are shown to the general public. Samsung at a private event in the framework of CES 2020 showed its laptop with a display that can be stretched to the sides.

Journalists were not invited to the presentation of the South Korean vendor. Moreover, the few visitors to the event were forbidden to shoot, reports Gizmochina.

What did the company introduce?.

The only thing that insiders managed to find out was that the company demonstrated a 13.3-inch laptop, the display of which can be increased one and a half times after opening the lid. The network also appeared patent image of the gadget, showing a diagram of its design.


Despite the closed show, the company is in no hurry to demonstrate the original form factor of the laptop to reporters. Visitors to the event noted that this is indeed a very non-standard gadget.

Date of official presentation.

The announcement date and characteristics of the concept device are not communicated.