Russia woos Tesla as several regions compete for the right to build a Gigafactory

Tesla Russia Gigafactory

Tesla may still be facing possible delays in Germany due to the wait for Gigafactory Berlin’s final approval, but the EV maker is already receiving a far more welcome landscape in Russia. This was hinted at by several Russian governors following Elon Musk’s recent comments. 

The Tesla CEO recently spoke at Russia’s New Knowledge Forum, where he discussed the company’s plans to enter the country. Musk noted that Tesla’s entry into Russia was imminent, and he reportedly remarked that the EV maker is also considering the country as the potential site of an upcoming facility. These comments promptly inspired a series of responses from numerous Russian officials, several of whom were intent on persuading Musk to set up a factory in their respective states.

Vladislav Shapsha, the head of the Kaluga region, immediately posted an invitation to Tesla on his Telegram channel. In his message, Shapsha remarked that Kaluga is completely ready for such a project. “Elon Musk announced the appearance of Tesla production in Russia at the New Knowledge marathon. I propose to open the first plant in the Kaluga region. The region is fully prepared for this,” he wrote. 

Shapsha’s invitation soon found company, with Andrei Vorobyov, the governor of the Moscow region, also issuing an open invitation for Tesla and Elon Musk. Posting on Twitter–the Tesla CEO’s preferred platform for social media–the Moscow governor noted that his region would be the best place for a Tesla factory. Vorobyov noted that his region is already experienced with carmaking, especially since Mercedes-Benz already has a facility there .

Not to be outdone, Alexander Brechalov, the head of the Udmurt Republic, posted an invitation on Twitter just minutes after the Moscow governor’s message. In his post, Brechalov noted that Tesla would be receiving tax breaks if the company decides to set up shop in Udmurt instead. He also stated that Tesla would be welcome in Udmurt, the “most entrepreneurial region in Russia.

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