Rollout of Latest Tesla FSD v11.3.4 Beta Begins

Rollout of Latest Tesla FSD v11.3.4 Beta Begins

The latest FSD Beta is now rolling out to Tesla employees with FSD Beta v11.3.4. As previously reported, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that one more round of refinement was needed. FSD Beta v11.3.3 had expanded to more than 35% of testers. But it’s being replaced by v11.3.4, which is mainly a bug fix release. It will be Tesla version 2022.45.13

Continuous Refinement of Full Self-Driving Technology

Tesla’s commitment to perfecting its FSD technology is evident in the rapid succession of updates and refinements. The company has used fleet learning, user feedback, and rigorous testing to bring autonomous driving closer to reality. As Tesla continues to expand its fleet of FSD Beta testers, crucial data is gathered to make further enhancements and address challenges faced in previous versions.

New Features and Improvements in v11.3.4

The FSD Beta v11.3.4 update builds upon the features and improvements introduced in v11.3.3, which included bug fixes, new driving visualizations, and the “Voice Drive Notes” feature for hands-free feedback on Autopilot disengagement. With v11.3.4, Tesla aims further to enhance the FSD system’s performance and safety. Some improvements in v11.3.3 included:

  • Smoother lane changes in dense traffic scenarios
  • Better handling in high curvature scenarios or near large trucks
  • Improved driving behavior near parked cars in narrow lanes
  • Enhanced user interface communication for upcoming maneuvers

These updates signify Tesla’s dedication to developing and improving its self-driving technology, moving closer to a future where autonomous vehicles are more commonplace on the roads.

Update 2022.45.13

FSD 11.3.4
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Last updated: Mar 31, 1:34 pm

Tesla’s Commitment to Driver Safety

While Tesla works tirelessly to advance its autonomous driving system, Elon Musk continues to emphasize the importance of driver vigilance while using the FSD Beta. The system may not detect all objects or brakes for crossing traffic or stationary objects, particularly at high speeds. However, Tesla’s continuous push for autonomy and commitment to addressing these challenges make it clear that the company prioritizes safety as it moves towards a future with autonomous vehicles.

As FSD Beta v11.3.4 rolls out to employees, we may see it roll out to Tesla owners and enthusiasts later tonight or this weekend. There may be larger waves of it rolling out soon after that.

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