Polestar 2 adds variants to better battle Tesla

Polestar 2 Tesla

The most affordable Polestar 2, with a front-mounted single electric motor and a 64-kWh battery, will start at 45,500 euros in Germany

Polestar is adding two lower-cost variants of its first mass-market car to better challenge the Tesla Model 3.

The most affordable Polestar 2, with a front-mounted single electric motor and a 64-kilowatt-hour battery, will start at 45,500 euros in Germany before incentives.

By comparison, the starting price for the base version of the Tesla Model 3 with a 50-kWh battery is 39,990 euros in Europe’s largest auto market.

The entry Polestar 2 will have a range of 420 to 440 km (261 to 273 miles) and 330 newton meters (243 pounds-feet) of torque, the company said Tuesday.

The entry Model 3’s range is 448 km and it offers 402 newton meters of torque, according to the company.

Previously, only the range-topping, dual-motor Polestar 2, with a 78-kWh battery, a range of 450 to 480 km and 660 newton meters of torque, was available. It starts at 51,500 euros in Germany.

Polestar is also adding a mid-range single-motor variant for 48,500 euros. The variant promises the best range of the trio: 515 to 540 km.

While the performance, range and prices are different, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath says many key features are offered throughout the model family.

“What we have successfully managed with the new versions is to avoid stripping the lower-priced models of their character and premium feeling,” he said in a release. “Even the most affordable Polestar 2, with no optional equipment, has great visual consistency and high level of standard equipment.”

All versions of the compact sedan will offer the Android-based infotainment system that Polestar parent Volvo Cars developed with Google as standard equipment. The automaker’s new Polestar Digital Key and over-the-air update-ability are also standard.

The variants’ exterior and interior looks are largely the same. They all offer 19-inch wheels, LED light designs in the front and rear, and Polestar’s frameless mirrors.

Just like the WeaveTech vegan upholstery introduced in 2020, the new standard embossed textile upholstery in the lower-cost variants is a vegan material and is available in two colors.

Other notable standard features include high-performance eight-speaker audio, front- and rear-parking sensors and a rearview camera.

Deliveries of the new variant will start in September and October.

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