Pininfarina’s Latest Model Takes A Swipe At Lamborghini


The famous design house is going after Lambo’s heritage.

Lamborghini’s metamorphosis from a tractor manufacturer to the maker of supercars like the Sian is an automotive tale that never gets old. To this day, Lamborghini Trattori still produces tractors. Pininfarina seems to have gone in the opposite direction, at least based on its newest concept. After all, this is a design firm famous for beautiful cars like the Ferrari 550 Maranello and the latest Battista all-electric supercar. Now, Pininfarina has designed something totally different – its own tractor with electric propulsion.

Unlike Lamborghini’s rugged tractor designs, this Straddle Tractor Concept from New Holland Agriculture is a much more elegant, futuristic creation. That’s no surprise since it was designed to navigate narrow vineyards in famous wine-growing regions.

Those wine regions include Champagne, Medoc, and Burgundy. In these regions, grapes are grown in rows that are under 60 inches wide. The slopes are steep and the grapes are picked by hand, with much of the vine maintenance work requiring “a tractor traveling overhead the rows.”

It makes sense, then, for a machine like the Straddle Tractor Concept to be useful in this environment. The design was inspired in part by a champagne flute, being tall and wide higher up and tapering lower down. Glass that wraps around the interior gives the tractor operator excellent visibility. Speaking of the interior, it’s remarkably plush for a vehicle such as this.

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