Over 10 years, Netflix shares rose 4181%. They became the most profitable among the companies from the S&P 500.


Netflix shares bought in 2010 in the amount of $ 1 million now cost $ 43 million.

Netflix shares were the most profitable over the past ten years among companies from the S&P 500, CNBC reports. Since 2010, the value of the company’s securities has increased by 4181%.

Netflix joined the S&P 500 Index (stock index, which includes the 500 most capitalized companies trading on US exchanges) in December 2010. As of the beginning of the decade, the company had just over 12 million subscribers who paid about $ 9 per month for using the service. The company itself then cost “several billion dollars.”

CNBC notes that $ 1 million worth of Netflix shares bought in early 2010 are now worth $ 43 million.

Netflix currently has a capitalization of about $ 148 billion, and the number of subscribers has grown to 158.3 million. The number of video service subscribers is growing rapidly outside the United States. According to the third quarter of 2019, they account for 62% of the total number of users.

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