Nissan Ariya Electric Crossover Will Challenge Tesla Model Y

Nissan Ariya Electric Crossover

Nissan readies a new global EV on the Leaf platform.

“The Ariya Concept represents a strong collaboration between design and engineering,” Yasuhiro Yamauchi, representative executive officer, said at the time of the concept’s debut. “It is the next stage of Nissan’s future design language as we embark on a new era for the company—the next stage in our evolution.

What can we expect from the production Nissan Ariya

For starters, the Ariya is likely to feature the powertrain of the long-range Leaf Plus, which means it could offer 226 miles on a full charge, and with all-wheel drive. Given the fact that the Ariya will be larger and chunkier than the Leaf the mileage is unlikely to be identical, but it’s possible that Nissan would try to squeeze more range out of it through an even larger battery or by introducing other performance tweaks, perhaps just shy of 300 miles.

When it comes to dimensions, the Ariya concept appeared fairly analogous to the Nissan Rogue, measuring just a few inches shorter than the Rogue. Interior accommodations could be a little more modest given the shape of its greenhouse, and it’s also expected to be wider and lower than the Rogue. While the concept featured Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 semi-autonomous driving system, it remains to be seen whether it will be offered stateside—at the moment it’s offered in the Japanese-market Skyline sedan—serving up Level 3 automation on par with Cadillac Super Cruise.

Nissan Ariya Electric Crossover

When it comes to pricing, expect the Ariya (if it actually keeps that name) to start around $40,000 and to be offered in several trim levels. The aim of this electric crossover is to bring the EV experience to the masses in a more family-friendly package than the Leaf. Another goal for the Ariya is to detach EV crossover ownership from being a luxury targeted at early adopters, which is why it will be priced to compete with other mainstream offerings from Volkswagen and Tesla, aiming at a starting price well south of $50,000

The production version of the Ariya is poised to be one of the most important launches for Nissan in some time, during a period of deep uncertainty for the automaker as well as for the automotive landscape, which is perhaps why we’ve heard very few things about it during its gestation.

Nissan Ariya

Nissan’s current financial issues solidified even before the coronavirus pandemic, so the Ariya will be debuting under not one but two clouds for the automaker. But it could prove to be even more important and influential than the Leaf, which has been nothing short of an EV pioneer for the past decade.