New Apple Exclusive Reveals Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades

Apple iPhone 13

Apple’s iPhone 13 range is ‘ahead of schedule’ and we already know it packs both eagerly awaited design changes, a big battery boost and supersized new cameras. But now two further massive upgrades have been revealed.

In a new report to investors seen by MacRumors, analyst Wedbush has revealed Apple will double the top tier of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max storage to 1TB and also add LiDAR sensors to every new iPhone model for the first time.

1TB iPhone 13 Pro Models

Wedbush’s claim regarding 1TB iPhone 13 Pro models is interesting on two levels.

First, popular industry insider Jon Prosser initially made this claim back in October before doubling down on it in January but he had been a lone voice, until now. Moreover, the move makes a lot of sense given Apple’s introduction of ProRaw photography which combines RAW images with iPhone image processing. ProRaw files can be over 10x larger than standard iPhone HEIF and JPEG images.

Second, the trickle down effect. The current iPhone 12 Pro storage configurations are 128/256/512GB. 128GB was only introduced last year so I expect it to remain, but a jump to 512GB at the mid tier would make a lot of sense with massive upsell potential to upgraders who typically stick to the entry level model. Make it happen Apple.

LiDAR For All

Where I am more skeptical, however, is the Wedbush claim regarding LiDAR. Detailed iPhone 13 schematics have already leaked and they appear to show dual cameras repositioned in a diagonal arrangement alongside a flash and upgraded Beamforming mic but no LiDAR. Prosser himself is also skeptical about this. Both Prosser and Wedbush have strong track records, but I share the former’s doubt.

On the flipside, if Apple is going to make LiDAR and its impressive 3D scanning a thing then the company needs to encourage wider developer support and that only happens when you bring its capabilities to all models.

That said, even if LiDAR doesn’t make it, the iPhone 13 lineup already looks set to have more than enough firepower to be (yet another) a massive sales hit. Earlier this week we discovered the range will have significantly larger batteries and this combines with a 20% more power efficient chipset120Hz ProMotion displays (Pro models only), the biggest cameras in iPhone historynext-gen 5G modems and (at long last) a smaller notch. Throw in 1TB storage I expect the iPhone 13 range will sell like hotcakes (especially in pink).

Good thing we don’t have to wait long for their release.

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