More efficient Samsung OLED display exists, but only for 5G smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung is often known for its AMOLED screens in smartphones that generation-over-generation have become more efficient and better looking. And it’s only natural for the South Korean tech firm to keep working on improving the screens to deliver better viewing experience in its smartphones. This time the firm has announced new and ‘optimised’ OLED Display but it is keeping the panel limited to those who are willing to spend more on its 5G smartphones.

In a press release titled “Samsung Display Unveils OLED Display Optimised for 5G Era” the firm talks about the new OLED screen that emits less blue-light while consuming less power and which is only for 5G smartphones. The new OLED panel emits 6.5% Blue-Light, which is lower than the 7.5% Blue Light emitted from the panel Samsung introduced last year. This panel also consumes 15% less power and is certified with ‘Eye Care Display’ by SGS certification body.

Interestingly, although Samsung duly mentioned this new display is for 5G smartphones, it failed to explain how is it related to 5G devices only and why can’t it come to premium 4G Galaxy smartphones as well. Here’s the official quote from the representative.

“5G is expanding into a rapidly commercialized ecosystem where consumers can be connected to 8K as well as 4K streaming services, cloud-based gaming content and infotainment networks, increasing mobile device usage everywhere,” said Jee-ho Baek, vice president of the mobile display strategic marketing team at Samsung Display.

“Our 5G-optimized OLED display is taking the lead in the 5G era with its crystal clear imagery, distinguished designs, economical power consumption and increasingly eye-protective functionality,” he added.

As Android Police explains it, until unless Samsung is fusing 5G mmWave antennas right on to the OLED substrate, something that will actually make a difference, there’s absolutely no need to specifically tie the new OLED screens with 5G devices, which as it is are way too less right now.

The latest set of Samsung smartphones that support 5G include the Galaxy S20, S20+ and the S20+ Ultra.