Lead Cybertruck engineer responds to criticism

Lead Cybertruck engineer responds to criticism

The Tesla enthusiast community on social media, particularly on X, is divided over whether the Cybertruck can withstand an automatic car wash. While some users point out that Tesla advises against automatic car washes, others note the presence of a car wash mode, suggesting it might be feasible. But is it?

What’s Being Said: One user on X posted a screenshot from the Cybertruck’s owner’s manual, stating, “Cybertruck is bulletproof but Tesla suggests you shouldn’t take it through a car wash.”

Indeed, Tesla’s owner’s manual advises against automatic car washes. However, Cybertruck lead engineer Wes Morrill added a witty remark, stating, “To be fair, the manual doesn’t suggest you shoot it either.”

Automatic Wash with Caution: While the Cybertruck owner’s manual favors hand washing, using an automatic car wash is not entirely ruled out.

Tesla recommends using touchless automatic car washes, avoiding brushes that may touch the vehicle’s surface. Additionally, only soaps with a pH below 13 should be used to prevent discoloration of the decorative exterior trim over time.

Activating car wash mode is crucial, as it closes all windows, locks the charge port, and disables windshield wipers, sentry mode, and walk-away door locking. Failure to activate this mode may result in damage to the windshield wipers or charge port, as stated in the manual. It’s important to note that damage caused by car washes or improper washing is not covered by warranty.

Ideal Wash Method: Tesla recommends hand washing the Cybertruck using water and a pH-neutral soap or a pH-neutral waterless wash with a microfiber towel.

Any corrosive substances on the surface, such as grease, oil, or industrial fallout, should be promptly removed. Denatured alcohol can be used for stubborn stains, but abrasive cleaners should be avoided.

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