iPhone XS could not stand the test of water contrary to Apple guarantees.

Apple iPhone phone

Recently, an iPhone XS user from Guizhou Province of China accidentally dropped him into a bathtub. The device did not stay in water for long, but despite Apple’s guarantees and IP68 degree of protection, it stopped working correctly after that.

The owner claims that he immediately removed his iPhone XS from the water and thoroughly dried it. However, after that it turned out that the face recognition function of the smartphone stopped working correctly. The man turned to the Apple service center, but there he was told that this was a non-warranty case and he would have to pay for the iPhone repair. As the employees of the center explained, the water resistance of the smartphone is guaranteed only when exposed to splashes. And after getting into the water, the device is automatically removed from the warranty service.

At the same time, the official Apple website states that the iPhone XS has a degree of protection against water IP68. This means that it can withstand immersion to a depth of one meter for half an hour. True, the corporation’s website also says that resistance to splashes, water and dust is not a constant characteristic of the device and may decrease due to its natural wear, writes Gizchina.

Earlier in the USA, Samsung and Apple smartphones were recognized as hazardous to health. The laboratory of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) conducted a study, which revealed that some phone models of these manufacturers exceed the country’s established limits for radio frequency radiation. After that, the American law firm FeganScott sued both companies for “a threat to the health of consumers.”