Information about the performance of the new Model 3 has appeared

Information about the performance of the new Model 3 has appeared

Tesla mentions it has also tweaked the chassis and suspension for “intuitive, razor-sharp response to driver inputs.” Elsewhere, pedal feel has been improved, and so has heat management for more consistent braking regardless of speed. The new Model 3 Performance is also getting lightweight, staggered wheels with unspecified tires for “increased traction out of corners.”

As for cosmetic changes, the same source code mentions “redesigned front and rear fascias, rear diffuser, and carbon fiber spoiler.” Inside, it’s getting an “all-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters” and ventilation. To set it apart from the lesser Model 3 versions, Tesla is giving the Performance a “lightweight carbon fiber décor and refined weave pattern.”

There are also a bunch of images we couldn’t scrape from the website. In addition, the 0 to 60 mph time is a placeholder since the source code only says {ACCELERATION}. The old Model 3 Performance needed 3.1 seconds. The range doesn’t seem to be listed, but we’ll remind you the outgoing model was rated by EPA at 315 miles.

Weight isn’t mentioned, although a previous leak indicated it would remain unchanged, at 4,089 pounds. It is also believed the 82-kWh battery capacity will be identical, but nothing is official yet.

As for the name, it appears to be carried over. Despite rumors indicating it would be rebranded as a Model 3 Ludicrous, it looks as though Performance is staying.

Since Tesla is updating its regional websites to include the new Model 3 Performance, expect an official reveal in the coming days or weeks.

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