I sold my Tesla after less than 2 years

I sold my Tesla after less than 2 years

Youtuber Austin Evans loves to discuss and review all things tech, and his Tesla is no exception.

While there are some features that Evans has enjoyed, he explained to his subscribers that the car’s cons outweighed the pros.

“There’s some things I like about it, but a whole lot more that I absolutely do not,” he said in his video.

Evans purchased the electric vehicle two years ago and has only put around 25,000 miles on it.

If he had to choose one thing that he enjoys about the Tesla, he would easily say the performance element.

“All electric vehicles are somewhere between quick and oh-my-god fast. And this is a lot closer to holy-honk-this-things-fast,” he noted.

Going fast is fun and all, but it’s also important to be able to find a charging station and get back on the road.

Luckily, Evans said it has been fairly easy to find a Tesla Supercharger.

“The fact that superchargers are, I’m not going to say everywhere, but far more common than the other, more generic EV chargers, such as Electrify America and EV Go, that’s a big win,” he explained.

“Now even more important than that, Tesla Superchargers are dead reliable.”

While the car’s performance and charger availability have been great, there are a few things he wished were different.

“Oftentimes when it comes to a performance vehicle, you’re sacrificing right?”

“You know, you wanna get more performance out of it, well, you can give up a little bit of ride quality. Well, I think the Tesla engineers heard that, and they go, ‘Performance!'” he exclaimed.

“And they dialed it all up, ’cause this thing rides like bad words that I’m not gonna say on camera.”

The car’s weight distribution is part of the issue, according to Evans.

“Yes, it’s got 21-inch wheels, kinda stupid. And yeah, it’s got big, sticky summer tires.”

“If you’re going on even a moderately bumpy road in this performance, it’s just uncomfortable.”

Supposedly, the ride is even bumpier for the person riding in the back.

“And if you’re in the backseat? There have been moments where you hit a little bump on the freeway, and you’ll like, your butt will come off the backseat.”

After considering his lifestyle, Evans decided that it was time to part ways with his Tesla.

“There are a lot of things that I do like, and there’s some things I’m gonna miss. The fact that there are so many build quality issues, so many refinement issues, it just, it’s not it for me anymore.”

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