How Elon Musk exploited a loophole to set up Tesla sales facility in New Mexico

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Tesla has set up its sales facility in New Mexico by revamping a defunct casino in Nambé Pueblo, a tribal land in Santa Fe where the state law doesn’t apply.

Tesla is currently the biggest electric carmaker in the world and is credited for significantly contributing to changing the public’s mindset towards EVs. The American brand has a significant presence in many parts of the world and the US, of course. But Tesla has recently increased its presence in the US by opening a new sales facility in New Mexico. But why is this making news you ask? Well, because Elon Musk had to exploit a legal loophole to set up this new facility for sales and service of Tesla cars in New Mexico. Turns out that New Mexico has a law that prevents a car company from establishing its presence without going through third-party dealerships. This law has prevented Tesla and many other companies that directly want to sell cars to customers from officially entering New Mexico. However, Tesla managed to bypass this law and set up its sales facility in a defunct casino in Nambé Pueblo, a tribal land in Santa Fe where the state law doesn’t apply.

Using this to its advantage, Tesla opened its first sales facility in Nambé Pueblo a few weeks ago in the presence of tribal leaders and state lawmakers. This new sales facility has been welcomed by the tribal community as it will provide employment opportunities and economic development. According to a report by The Hill, Tesla has set up this sales facility as part of a long-term partnership under which the EV maker will provide education and training opportunities for the tribe members.

Lujan Grisham, Governor, New Mexico, said, “Automakers the world over acknowledge that low-emission and zero-emission vehicles are the future – New Mexico is on board, and has been on board, and the rest of the country is going to get on board, too. I welcome any and all good ideas from Tesla and the Pueblo of Nambé about how we can do even more.”

Tesla is actively expanding its presence to various international markets, including India. The company has already set up shop in Bengaluru and is looking for dealership space in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and more. Tesla is expected to start selling cars in India from next year and will kickstart its India innings with the Model 3.

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