Here’s why you might want to wait for the iPhone 17

Here’s why you might want to wait for the iPhone 17

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The Apple rumour mill is already working overtime when it comes to the iPhone 16, churning out leaks about this year’s successor to the current 15 line up. But we’re already starting to hear a few tidbits about the iPhone 17 – and if new reports about the display are anything to go by, it could be a winner.

The most up-to-date display tech always hits the ‘Pro’ line up first, but the standard iPhone models are seriously getting left behind right now. Both ProMotion and the always-on display are yet to hit the ‘vanilla’ iPhone, with the 15 sporting a mere 60hz display. But that could all change in 2025. (In the market for new gear? Check out the best iPhone 15 deals available now.)

According to new reports (as spotted by MacRumors), always-on and ProMotion will finally hit the ‘standard’ model of the iPhone 17 line up, due for release next year. As anyone whose used an iPhone 13 Pro or above will attest, once you’ve tried ProMotion, it’s hard to go back. The 120hz refresh rate allows for super smooth scrolling and animations, and 60hz looks positively crawling in comparison.

But while a standard iPhone 17 with ProMotion sounds like good news, it begs the question: do we really have to endure another 60hz iPhone in 2024? Apple really is starting to lag behind its competitors here, with the likes of Google and Samsung offering at least 120hz in even their cheaper offerings, such as the Pixel 7a.

Starting at £799 / $799, even the entry level iPhone isn’t cheap. £800 for a brand new smartphone that features ageing display tech does seem a lot – and with each passing year that 120hz fails to hit the entire iPhone line up, detractors are getting more and more vocal on social media.

Time will tell what’s in store for the iPhone 16 line up – we’ve already heard contrasting rumours that the whole lot ProMotion in 2024, although that’s looking a lot less likely now. But with an Apple-designed battery and a retro design said to be on the way, there could still be plenty to look forward to.

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