Google Pixel 4a Release Date Delayed, New Report Says

Billboard suggests the Pixel 4a price and design

The next smartphone from Google will be the mid-range Google Pixel 4a and our expectation for when it will be released seems to have just slipped. It is highly anticipated, and it has a lot going for it – even potentially outdoing the recent iPhone SE, as you can read here

Last month, it looked like we knew quite a few things about the new phone, including a release price ($399) a date that it would go on sale. That seemed to be May 22, less than two weeks away (read more about that here).

However, today, Caschys Blog reported that it thinks the release date has slipped. Well, not slipped really, since Google didn’t announce the May 22 date. Caschys Blog is basing this on an internal listing by one of the country’s carriers, Vodafone.

The German blog is now reporting that the expected delivery date is now June 5. As 9to5Google reports, the site successfully predicted the launch date of the Pixel 3a last year using a similar technique

Of course, the German availability may not reflect when the Pixel 4a goes on sale internationally – though by the same token it’s pretty hard to imagine Google selling its own phone outside the U.S. first. So, if the German date turns out to be correct, then I think it’s fair to assume that the American release will be at the same time or before.

The previously expected date, May 22, seemed timed to hit just after the Google I/O conference. Since that was canceled, Google suddenly didn’t need to be tied to that date.

Another event is coming in the Google calendar for June 3. That’s when Google launches the public beta of Android 11. So, could Google be planning to reveal the phone at the same event as the next-gen software? It’s possible, though it’s a slightly inconsistent message to focus on the latest Android 10 handset and then talk about stuff that will come later.

On the other hand, Pixel phones are always the first to get the latest OS, so it could work to combine the announcements into one event, with the phone released 48 hours after being unveiled.

As more details come to light, we’ll be reporting on them.

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