‘Glad Tesla FSD was there to help’: Elon Musk reacts to ‘crazy’ customer story

‘Glad Tesla FSD was there to help’: Elon Musk reacts to ‘crazy’ customer story

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

  • The leap from traditional vehicles to Tesla’s FSD functionality is like “upgrading from a basic phone to a smartphone,” a user says.
  • Detractors, however, see regulatory approval and perfection of the technology as pushbacks for FSD adoption.

Despite widespread skepticism surrounding Tesla‘s full self-driving software (FSD) suite, an anecdote shared by a user highlights why the technology could become an integral component of automobiles in the future.

What Happened: On Wednesday, a user on the X platform, identified as Maxpaul Franklin, recounted a situation where FSD came to his aid during a challenging scenario. Around 2 a.m., following Tesla’s announcement of free trials for FSD in all U.S. vehicles, the user experienced severe dehydration and a spike in blood glucose levels due to a malfunctioning insulin pump.

In a critical moment, the user activated the FSD feature in his Model Y with a double-click on the steering column stalk.

“I was astounded by the results,” he said. “Without any intervention, the car skillfully navigated the 13-mile journey from my home to the VA Emergency Room, offering to autonomously park it upon arrival and let me seek immediate medical attention.”

Despite experiencing a medical emergency, the user left the hospital with no restrictions on his exercise regimen, attributing the swift response to both the vehicle and medical treatment received.

“As an owner of luxury vehicles including Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Acura, and Cadillac, I can unequivocally declare Tesla the pinnacle of automotive innovation today. Its lifesaving capabilities in critical moments underscore its superiority,” the user said.

The leap from traditional vehicles to Tesla’s FSD functionality is like “upgrading from a basic phone to a smartphone,” he said. He also delved into the cost savings from using the EV.

“I extend my gratitude to Elon Musk for his crazy erratic leadership in advancing technology that is more than just transportation,” the user said, adding “He has profoundly impacted our world and personally impacted my own. Thanks, Tesla, and thanks, Charles George VA Medical Center team!”

Responding to the post, which was captioned as “My Crazy True Story,” Musk said, “Glad Tesla FSD was there to help and that you’re feeling well!”

Why It’s Important: The incident is reminiscent of anecdotes shared by Apple Watch users regarding how it saved their lives. In November last, a report said Apple Watch Ultra’s fall detection feature helped Josh Furman, a diabetic, when his blood sugar levels dropped drastically, causing him to become unconscious and fall. The smart wearable identified his fall and automatically dialed 911, pinpointed his location for first responders, and alerted his emergency contact.

Unlike the Apple Watch, the FSD technology isn’t yet perfected. In a post on the Tesla Owners Online forum, a user said he noticed several things that were odd and/or dangerous when he used it during a longer trip.

Among the things he highlighted was the non-recognition of 65 mph speed limit signs, FSD disengaging on dirt roads and occasionally disengaging for no reason, starts and stops while making turns into a road with traffic, with even disengagement of the FSD occurring at times.

Most are sold on the potential of the FSD, although even the most advanced iteration of the beta, which is being offered for free for a limited duration, is yet to evince confidence in its self-driving ability. Regulatory scrutiny is yet another overhang on FSD’s fructification.

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