German taxis switch to Tesla

A ride on the Tesla Model S for 115 thousand dollars, just calling a taxi, now you can not only in Moscow, London, Hong Kong or Shanghai. The blue dream of consumer-driven electronics last Friday has been in the pick-up service in Dusseldorf. In the next few weeks, 50 Model 3s will join a pair of working Model Ss. And unlike, for example, Kiev, where a Tesla taxi is no more than a fabulously expensive ride, the Dusseldorf Taxi Norman purchased electric cars for economic reasons.

Firstly, the company’s fleet of 150 diesel engines has partially worked out a deadline and still requires replacement. Secondly, with the eco-agenda prevailing in politics today, electric cars are literally showered with benefits – purchase subsidies, reduced electricity and transport taxes, and much lower restrictions on movement and parking in large cities. And a bonus is the political capital of a socially responsible citizen for the owner. We must take it.

Taxi Norman owner Erol Norman took it. And now, personally, the chairman of the Düsseldorf city committee, Philip Taser, a member of the Social Democratic Party, is lobbying five new free taxi-only parking lots in the city parliament. Without the slightest corruption, Erol has a special relationship with public utilities, and now he is supplied with electricity on “unlimited” terms by 35 euros per month per electric car. In 2023, Taxi Norman expects to completely switch to electric cars.

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