Generation Z Want Their Parents To Buy Electric Cars


The kids want to go electric.

The writing is on the wall for our little planet, with ice caps melting, forests burning, and diesel trucks spewing freedom into the already smoggy air. This has clearly not phased the boomer generation, but those belonging to Gen Z (anyone born after 1995) have found their voice, and are making a push for greener lifestyles, including making a shift to electric vehicles. The good news is that most major car manufacturers are starting to roll out EVs at affordable prices, and cars such as the Tesla Model 3 prove that buying a new electric vehicle doesn’t have to cost an arm and an atmosphere. A recently published survey by Peugeot has revealed just how eager kids are to get behind the EV revolution.

The survey found that kids are influencing their parents to invest in EV cars at a growing rate. The survey questioned 1,250 kids aged seven to 12, including their parents, and revealed that 54.8 percent of kids had pushed their parents to be more environmentally conscious, with the same proportion placing pressure on their parents to get an EV. Despite being too young to purchase a vehicle, 67.8 percent of respondents said that when they get their first car, it would be electric or plug-in hybrid.

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