Ford cuts prices as orders reopen

Ford cuts prices as orders reopen

Ford Mustang Mach-E Select

Ford has re-opened order banks on the Mustang Mach-E while simultaneously rolling back prices and increasing range.

The ability to order the Mustang Mach-E once again was opened because of plant upgrades that Ford completed, which will help ramp production volume in the second half of 2023.

Ford has boosted the range of the Standard Range battery models to a range of 250 miles for the Rear-Wheel-Drive powertrain, according to EPA estimates, while the e-All-Wheel-Drive (eAWD) will have 226 miles.

Standard Range models are now powered by lithium iron phosphate, or LFP battery cells, which allows the eAWD configuration to utilize 45 additional horsepower while adding the additional mileage to each trim level’s range.

LFP batteries are widely available and have helped automakers avoid supply chain issues and battery cell shortages, as other chemistries are not always in heavy supply. Additionally, LFP cells have the ability to operate more efficiently and like to be at a 100 percent state of charge, and can also charge faster.

Tesla used the same strategy with its Standard Range+ Model 3.

On top of the upgrades in terms of the range and new battery cell chemistries, Ford also rolled back the prices of Mustang Mach-E trims:

  • Select RWD Standard Range – $42,995 (down $3,000)
  • Select AWD Standard Range – $45,995 (down $3,000)
  • California Route 1 AWD Extended Range – $56,995 (down $1,000)
  • Premium RWD Standard Range – $46,995 (down $4,000)
  • Premium AWD Standard Range – $49,995 (down $4,000)
  • GT AWD Extended Range – $59,995 (down $4,000)

The price cuts come as EV brands continue to battle and refine costs to remain competitive. Tesla has routinely adjusted prices on its vehicles, and Ford has been one of the few to directly respond to the automaker with price cuts of its own on several occasions.

Chief Customer Officer of Ford’s EV unit, Model e, Marin Gjaja, commented on the automaker’s upgrades of the Mustang Mach-E:

“Upgraded BlueCruise rolling out for new and existing Mustang Mach-E owners, increased range, and faster DC charging times on standard range models show how we are relentlessly improving our products for our customers.”We continue to find ways to improve the value of the Mustang Mach-E.”

The Mustang Mach-E also qualifies for federal tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act, but not the full $7,500. Instead, it qualifies for $3,750 in potential credits.

New Mustang Mach-E purchases will have 90 days of BlueCruise included, which will allow owners to experience hands-free driving on highways. The free trial is included as Ford said the new Mustang Mach-E vehicles will be fitted with all necessary hardware for the BlueCruise capabilities.

“This provides customers the opportunity to try it during the initial months of vehicle ownership and subsequently activate it through a subscription at the time of their choosing. Customers can still include a 3-year subscription as part of the vehicle purchase, if they prefer,” Ford said.

BlueCruise is equipped on 199,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles in North America, which have accumulated over 70 million miles driven hands-free.

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