ElonJet creator criticizes CEO mentality

ElonJet creator criticizes CEO mentality

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Jack Sweeney, the creator of ElonJet, the controversial tracker that gave updates on the Tesla CEO’s private jet location, believes that Musk’s mentality regarding airline tracking is one-sided.

Sweeney said earlier this week that he would report a Tweet tracking the location of NFL football team the New York Jets’ plane, which had various team employees aboard.

“I’m gonna have to report this,” Sweeney Tweeted. “If I get banned for posting it live, so will others.”

The original Tweet has been taken down as it has been deemed a violation of Twitter rules. Business Insider reported that Twitter, in an emailed response, stated @HoggNFL, which posted the Tweet, “hasn’t broken any safety policies.”

This prompted a harsh reaction from Sweeney, who said, “Either Twitter moderation is bad at its job, or they only care about the live location rule when it’s in Musk’s interest.” This was before the Tweet was taken down.

Teslarati reached out to Sweeney to see if he had a follow-up statement now that the Tweet has been removed, but we didn’t receive a response immediately. We will update this article if we hear back.

Sweeney’s accounts tracked more than Musk’s plane. It also tracked that of Mark Zuckerberg and other high-profile celebrities as the information Sweeney posted was public.

However, Musk was not a fan of the idea and said it was a security issue. Sweeney’s account was suspended last year as it was deemed a “physical safety violation,” but earlier in 2022, Musk offered the college student $5,000 to turn off the account and stop posting the updates.

He declined and said he would do it for $50,000 instead.

Sweeney has since launched @ElonJetNextDay, which only posts jet locations 24 hours after they are recorded.

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