Elon Musk’s X is Asking Advertisers Back on the Platform

Elon Musk’s X is Asking Advertisers Back on the Platform

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Months after Elon Musk told off advertisers to not return to X (formerly Twitter), the platform is now asking the same brands to come back with a new pitch in content moderation.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino claimed that the social media is currently taking steps to keep children safe on the platform, according to a letter obtained by Bloomberg.

According to the letter, X is promising its commercial partners that it “will always work to protect our most precious members of society.”

The request was sent following Yaccarino’s support for the controversial Kids Online Safety Act, a bill that was previously criticized for potentially stifling online speech of children and minorities.

No reports of the supposed letter detailed Yaccarino addressing antisemitism on X which initially started the whole ad exodus on the platform.

Advertiser Exodus Slumps X’s Revenue

The recent retracts of X from Elon Musk’s earlier statements following a big ad revenue slump throughout 2023.

Musk, in November, swore off company CEOs to not come back on X after the controversial billionaire was accused of promoting antisemitism and pro-Nazi posts on his site.

Ad revenues are the platform’s biggest revenue and big names such as Disney, Apple, Coca Cola pulling the ex-Twitter’s reputation further down.

One of X’s initial investors when Musk bought the site, Fidelity, previously marked down the platform’s value over 71% less than its original $44 billion value following the series of controversies its owner got involved in.

X Amps Up Content Moderation on Platform

For Musk’s and X’s part, the platform has been taking several steps to mitigate the spread of AI-generated and harmful content on the site.

The billionaire just recently announced that X is opening up a new team of moderators to fight child abuse content on the site.

It is worth noting that a similar division already existed on Twitter before Musk fired all outsourced staff working to battle misinformation when he took over as CEO in 2022.

Regarding antisemitism, Musk confidently assured that there is less hate speech on the platform, at least compared to other social media sites.

The billionaire did not provide further evidence for his claims aside from saying that it was the result of the “outside audits that we’ve had done.”

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