Elon Musk’s Mother Reacts As Musk Uses Solar Eclipse Video To Promote

Elon Musk’s Mother Reacts As Musk Uses Solar Eclipse Video To Promote

Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s 75-year-old mother Maye Musk is perhaps his biggest supporter. She reacted positively once again as Musk used the solar eclipse to promote his social media platform, X, formerly Twitter.

What Happened: Maye reposted a solar eclipse animation from Elon, where the “X” logo gets lit up as the sun comes out of a total eclipse.

The animation shows the total solar eclipse that we witnessed on Monday, complete with the “ring of fire” look. Total eclipses are very short-lived and last between 3-5 minutes.

The animation, initially completely dark, shows the sun shining light on the X logo as it begins to come out of the moon’s shadow.

Maye Musk liked it quite a bit, saying it’s “Cool.”

Motherly Love: Maye Musk, 75, has long defended her son Elon over various issues, including his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter (now X.)

She has also openly criticized the U.S. government and President Joe Biden for not letting her son “make the world a better place.”

She has also been invested in how the media perceives her son’s and his companies’ actions. Back in 2022, Maye Musk said the media creates “Tesla FUD” and has also claimed there is a “payoff scheme” for outlets that go against her son’s company.

Maye Musk said she knew her son was a “genius” at the age of 3, saying she was thrilled when Elon Musk founded Zip2 along with his sibling Kimbal Musk.

She even sleeps in her son’s garage whenever she visits him, shedding light on the flexible mind space between the two.

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