Elon Musk will not attend Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in India

Elon Musk will not attend Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in India

In late December, reports from India suggested that the state government was expecting Tesla to announce its decision about a potential domestic facility in the country at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. This brought speculations that CEO Elon Musk may make an appearance at the event.

Citing comments from a state official who opted to remain anonymous, however, the Business Standard reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not expected to attend the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. “Musk is not expected. If he were to come, would he not attend the inaugural session? Will he be attending the seminars on day two and day three?” the official noted.

Despite this, Managing Director of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation Rahul Gupta highlighted that the state is still determined to secure a deal with Tesla if the electric vehicle maker does decide to establish a facility in the country. Gupta also noted that the state is already home to several electric vehicle makers.

“You will appreciate that it is the prerogative of any particular company on where to invest and what to invest. So as far as Tesla is concerned, the government of Gujarat will be more than happy to facilitate them in case if they decide to come to the state,” the official noted.

Tesla has been considering an entry into the Indian market for several years now. So far, the country and the electric vehicle maker have not been able to finalize a deal. Discussions between Tesla and India saw some progress last year, however, with country officials visiting the EV maker’s US facilities. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also had a meeting during the official’s US visit.

As per Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra, Musk and Modi discussed a number of key points about Tesla’s potential entry into India during their meeting. Tesla officials have had extensive meetings with officials as well.

“There were many elements of value chain, economic and commercial investment driven opportunities that were discussed between the Prime Minister and the leaders. And Tesla leadership had extensive meetings with a focus on how exactly can Tesla partner more strongly in the period of investment and manufacturing partnership with India so that it strengthens that segment of the automobile manufacturing in India,” Kwatra noted.

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