Elon Musk stole my meme, Los Angeles-based writer says

Elon Musk Tesla

“Clearly, I could not say no when SFGate asked me to write about Elon Musk stealing the dumb meme I made about a post-vaccination ‘slutty summer.’ The real challenge was trying to distill everything strange about it,” MEL magazine staff writer Miles Klee tweeted yesterday.

In his article for news website SFGate, Klee said that Tesla CEO, who is the world’s wealthiest person alive, tweeted an identical image of the meme he shared on April 8, followed it up with an inexplicable combo of sexual emojis along with a train and a ghost and then deleted both tweets.

In the meme, two arms representing the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine crews grip each other’s hands to team up for a “slutty summer.” Explaining that “slutty” did not have a negative judgment here, Klee said, “It is just a reference to the summer hedonism that young singles now anticipate in the wake of widespread vaccination.” In the follow-up tweets of this meme, Klee shared a post showing Musk’s identical post and demanded that the CEO should pay him $69 million for taking his work.

The next day, he tweeted a picture of the Goodyear Blimp writing: “Goodyear Blimp just flew over the neighborhood and I’m kinda surprised how fast it goes??” Musk also shared a picture of the Goodyear Blimp just five minutes later, which made Klee think whether this is a message.

Klee thinks that if Musk received his tweets as a link to his account, he might have read his rude comments about him and decided to cut him out of his own joke. But Musk presents a unique situation according to him. He does not gain any profit by ripping him off as he has more than 50 million followers on Twitter. But nevertheless, he tries to show his clout. As a Silicon Valley billionaire, Musk filches from people developing humor, of which he is ignorant, to be seen cool and to act like a man of the people, in Klee’s opinion.

Explaining the reason why he is not flattered about the situation is that he dislikes Musk as a person, the writer also noted that Musk is only focused on seizing what he likes and gaining from it. “I can’t be mad, either. He only gave me something to write about,” he ended his article.

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